About Us

Now in its tenth year, we can be proud to say that both our blog, and our site, was here when the internet was all just fields!

In that time, we have witnessed many other similar style and interior design sites come and go – but we are still here!

The brainchild of two Canadian interior designers – Jean-Paul and Martin – this blog has aimed to showcase both their own personal design work – and the completed projects that they have undertaken for their own clients.

Somewhere along the way, this expanded to detailing their own home style and sense of design, within their own apartments.

As the blog and website has taken off significantly, so the pair have been ably joined by no fewer than twelve interior designers!

These days, we are something more of an ensemble piece – almost a collective – piecing together all the best work, into one online showcase.

This site and blog is where we come together to try and catalog all the best that there is in interior décor. Here, we try and tell the general reader where to seek out beautiful things for their home.

We know that not everyone who reads this blog can afford their own personal stylist, so we try our hardest to make it easier for people to come up with their own look.

We also show them where to find the items in our blog and what the cheapest and easiest alternatives are to some of the more extravagant items of designer style!

Our team firmly believe that style is something that is achievable for all and it does not matter whether you have a lot to spend, or just a little – it is more about what you do with it that counts!

As we always say, you can’t put a price on taste!